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Going to Oxbridge is always a daunting task – particularly with all of the hurdles which the universities now set before you earn your place! If your school has little experience of supporting students in their application to Oxford, or simply does not provide any form support at all, the application process can seem even more formidable. However, with our help and guidance, we can make the application process much simpler. Our Access Scheme has been specially designed to support budding Oxbridge graduates at each stage of the application process.

Starting out…

From the early stages of the application, we can help to ensure that students have all the knowledge and understanding they need to submit a great application. Access Scheme students receive a free copy of our book, ‘So you want to go to Oxbridge? Tell me about a banana…’, to give them a good knowledge base for their application. The student then receives advice on their personal statement, from first draft to final draft, receiving telephone and email support to create the best statement possible.

Admission Tests

Admissions tests can, with the right preparation, be a stimulating experience which allows you to explore your subject in greater depth and stretch your thinking skills. Access Scheme students receive a place on one of our Admissions Tests Seminars to help guide them through the test process and provide advice on how to tackle this challenge.  Students also receive two practice papers with answers for their admissions test, so that they can fully prepare for the test.


The final challenge for applicants is the interviews. This can be the most intimidating part of the admissions process, as you have to discuss challenging questions and issues in a nerve-wracking environment and with expert tutors! However, with practice, students can hone their lateral thinking skills and become more prepared for the type of discussion which will take place. Access Scheme students receive a place on one of our Interview Preparation Days, which combine academic study, communication skills workshops and four mock interviews.

Continued advice

We know that it is important to have experts on hand who will be able to answer your questions and allay any concerns. Not only do we have our consultants, who are all Oxbridge graduates, here to help, but students on our Access Scheme will also gain the advice of our specialist Premier Service Consultant, Chloe, who is available on email and telephone to answer any queries you may have, throughout the application process, from personal statement to interview.

Our Access Scheme is underpinned by our commitment to ensuring that every applicant has access to the information and expert preparation that can help strengthen their Oxbridge application.  To be eligible for the scheme, students need to be in receipt of high, medium or low priority government 16 – 19 bursary (introduced in 2012 to replace EMA) and who are predicted AAA or A*AA at A level (or equivalent) are invited to join our access scheme.  

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Our Oxbridge-graduate consultants are available between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday, with additional evening availability when requested.

Oxbridge Applications, 14 – 16 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AR

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