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If you're applying to prestigious UK universities like Oxford or Cambridge, you'll likely face an interview as a crucial part of your application process. These interviews are designed to evaluate not only your academic abilities but also your problem-solving skills, intellectual curiosity, and passion for your chosen field of study. Oxford and Cambridge use the interview, along with other factors such as predicted grades and personal statements, to determine which candidates to admit.

Excelling in this interview is essential for showcasing your full potential and securing an Oxbridge offer. 

Interview guides for Arts and Humanities

Arts and Humanities:

Cambridge Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic (ASNaC)

Guide to Cambridge Anglo-Saxon, Norse, and Celtic (ASNaC) Interviews


Oxbridge Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

Guide to Oxbridge Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) Interviews


Oxbridge Archaeology Interviews

Guide to Oxbridge Archaeology Interviews


Cambridge Architecture

Guide to Cambridge Architecture Interviews


Oxford CAAH

Guide to Oxford Classical Archaeology and Ancient History (CAAH) Interviews


Oxbridge Classics

Everything you should know before interviewing at Oxbridge for Classics


Cambridge Education

Cambridge Education Interviews


Oxbridge English

Guide to Oxbridge English Interviews


Oxford Fine Art

Guide to Oxford Fine Art Interviews


Oxbridge History

Guide to Oxbridge History Interviews


Oxbridge History of Art

Guide to History of Art Interviews


Cambridge HSPS

Guide to Cambridge HSPS Interviews


Cambridge Land Economy

Guide to Land Economy Interviews


Oxbridge Law

Guide to Oxbridge Law Interviews


Oxbridge Linguistics

Guide to Oxbridge Linguistics


Modern Languages

Guide to Modern Languages Interviews


Oxbridge Music

Guide to Oxbridge Music Interviews


Oxbridge Philosophy

Guide to Oxbridge Philosophy Interviews


Oxford PPE

Guide to Oxford PPE Interviews


Oxford PPL

Guide to Oxford PPL Interviews


Oxbridge Theology

Guide to Oxbridge Theology Interviews


Interview guides for Sciences

Science Subjects:

Oxford Biochemistry

Guide to Oxford Biochemistry Interviews


Oxbridge Biology

Guide to Oxbridge Biology Interviews


Oxford Biomedical Sciences

Guide to Oxford Biomedical Sciences


Cambridge Chemical Engineering

Guide to Chemical Engineering Interviews


Oxbridge Computer Science

Guide to Oxbridge Computer Science Interviews


Oxford Earth Sciences

Guide to Oxford Earth Sciences Interviews


Oxbridge Economics

Guide to Oxbridge Economics Interviews


Oxbridge Engineering

Guide to Engineering Interviews


Oxbridge Geography

Guide to Oxbridge Geography Interviews


Oxford Human Sciences

Guide to Human Sciences Interviews


Oxbridge Mathematics

Guide to Mathematics Interviews


Oxbridge Medicine

Guide to Oxbridge Medicine Interviews


Oxbridge Physics

Guide to Oxbridge Physics Interviews


Oxbridge Psychology

Guide to Psychology Interviews


Veterinary Medicine

Guide to Veterinary Medicine Interviews


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