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We  tutor for every admissions test used by UK universities, and have developed a large bank of admission test resources and mock tests. Our admissions test tuition is one-to-one and pairs highly specialist Oxbridge-graduate test tutors with students to help them perform at their very best.

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Oxbridge Applications Admissions Test Support

Oxbridge Applications are the equivocal leader in preparing students to apply to Oxford and Cambridge. With over 24 years providing Oxbridge admissions test support, our trained and vetted tutors can help students overcome their academic weaknesses and improve their potential when it is time to tackle their admission test.

Many universities such as Oxford and Cambridge look to distinguish between strongly-qualified applicants. We can provide Oxbridge admissions test support for LNAT, BMAT, UCAT, CLT, TSA, NSAA, HAA, HAT, ELAT, MAT, PAT, ENGAA, ECAA, which all emphasise skills rather than knowledge. Our library of Mock Tests and resources are available to purchase.

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All of the tutors we work with at Oxbridge Applications are top-vetted graduates of either Oxford or Cambridge University and have experience with the application process and expectations of Oxbridge admissions tests. We have over 1,800 tutors covering every subject offered at Oxbridge universities and the relevant entrance exam, who are all eager to share their first-hand knowledge and experience in a personalised one-to-one with upcoming applicants via Zoom.

Our 4-hour (£495) or 6-hour (£695) one-to-one packages of Oxbridge Admissions Test support tuition are taken by Oxbridge-graduate tutors with expertise and experience in the specific test being taken, adept in helping applicants develop the necessary skills to improve their performance. Each package also comes with access to Oxbridge Applications' bank of mock admissions tests.

Once purchased, you will typically be set up with your tutor within five working days, following which, you will be able to schedule the timing of your sessions directly with them.

To book, call +44(0)2074992394 or email [email protected]

Oxbridge Admissions Test Support FAQs

Admissions tests are exams used by Oxbridge as a metric for the quality of their applicants. These tests are implemented to view academic potential and each of the tests can have completely different formats to one another. Each test is designed to be relevant to the specific course subject.

Getting into Oxbridge is extremely competitive and with the number of applications they receive and the quality of them, it would be impossible to make informed decisions about whom to admit with just a UCAS application. Therefore, the personal statements, admissions test, and Oxbridge interviews,are extra steps to help get a better picture of each applicant.

Not everyone is invited for an interview for Oxbridge, therefore UCAS applications, personal statements, and admissions tests are used during the admissions process to help determine the best applicants for each course. 

A student’s academic performance is expected to reach a certain level to be considered for Oxbridge, therefore the personal statement and interview provide a good insight into the applicant's abilities and personal character.

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