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We support schools primarily through online and in-school support programmes.

These programmes are designed to give students an introduction to studying at Oxbridge. The most comprehensive way we do this is through our Oxbridge Preparation Days.

We also support schools and students in Year 9 through to Year 13 with a range of events that cover everything from choosing a course and university, writing a personal statement, navigating the admissions tests and tackling the interview. 

If you would like to speak to us regarding your Oxbridge applicants, and the various ways in which we can help you to support them, you can book a free phone consultation with our Head of Schools. Call +44 (0)20 7499 2394 or Email us

The talk will cover all elements of the Oxbridge application – in particular, how to prepare effectively for the rigours of the application process.

This talk is suitable for students and parents to attend and it can cover any of the following:

  • Choosing a subject, a university and a college
  • An overview of what makes Oxbridge different
  • A-Level choice and how this maps on to course choice
  • The importance of GCSEs in the admissions process
  • Early preparation, including wider reading/research and work experience

Personal Statement Workshops

The personal statement workshops will help students develop their understanding of how to write an effective personal statement for their subject.

  • An interactive personal statement workshop, led by a senior Oxbridge consultant, outlining the mechanics of writing a personal statement including how to talk about further reading and work experience
  • Three different workshops, of which students attend one depending on their subject choice:
    • Arts and Humanities
    • Social Sciences
    • Maths and Sciences

A workbook for students filled with activities to help them plan their personal statement

These workshops are available as a standalone event, or can be followed by in-person personal checks

Admissions Test Skills Day

On the day, Oxbridge Applications will provide:

  • Specialised admission test skills consultants who will talk the students through a mock-test overview, focussing on the strategy and using skills-based learning to tackle the themes of the subject
  • Students will then sit one of our mini mock-tests and put into practise what they have learnt from the tutor
  • The students will attend two different skills groups throughout the day (one in the morning and one in the afternoon) depending on which test they will be sitting for their application. This gives the students the opportunity to focus on the skills needed for their specific test

Admissions Test Course

During this one-intensive course, students will focus on test strategy and maximising their performance on their specific admissions tests.

  • An Oxbridge-graduate test-specialist, for each test being covered on the day. They will talk the students through a mock test-overview and focus on the strategy needed for the specific requirements of the test
  • Students will have the opportunity to practise mock test-questions throughout the workshops
  • Students will sit a full mock-test in the afternoon and put into practise what they have learnt
  • Students will then discuss the test, going through some of the questions that they found most difficult

Interview Preparation Day

On the day, students will rotate through different workshops, each designed to prepare them for the Oxbridge interview experience:

  • Mock Interviews
    • Two subject specific 30-minute mock interviews with one of our highly trained Oxbridge-graduate tutors
  • Communications Session
    • An interactive session with our communications skills expert
  • Former Admissions Tutor Talk
    • A presentation from a former Oxbridge admissions tutor, who will advise on what tutors are really looking for
  • Subject Tutorial
    • Applicants will work through past interview questions in subject groups with their tutor, in a session designed to develop their independent thought


Mock Interview Day

On the day, students will receive one, two or three mock interviews with one of our highly trained Oxbridge-graduate tutors, to mimic the real Oxbridge interview environment.

From each interview, students will receive both written and verbal feedback on their performance, as well as recommendations on how to improve their interview performance going forward.

With each year, the details of how best to support students through the application process changes, and the staff who support students can also change.

As such, it is important for everyone involved in the process to complete some training, usually in the summer term to be best prepared for the upcoming applications cycle.

The training, led by the Head of Schools at Oxbridge Applications can cover:

  • Supporting students on deciding on the course and university that is right for them
  • The application process as a whole
  • What Admissions Tutors are looking for in potential candidates
  • How to ensure that the students are exploring the subjects in the right way
  • What makes that specific subject group interview different, and what skills are Tutors looking for
  • Personal statements- how they differ between subjects

Testimonials from Schools

Terry McDermott, Director of Careers and Guidance; Head of Oxbridge

Public Admission Test Courses and Interview Preparation Courses

Our Public Courses are large scale events hosted in London that bring together students from all across the country, to tackled Admissions Test or Interview Preparation.

Each individual student receives a subject specific or test specific programme for these intensive one-day preparation events.

If you are booking a place on a public course for students, you are eligible for a 60% discount on the listed price for an Interview Preparation Course, and a 55% discount for the Admissions Test Course.

To book students onto one of our courses, please send an email our Head of Schools on

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