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Oxbridge Applications is committed to widening access to top universities.

Since being founded in 1999, we have given free, one-to-one support to thousands of students through partnerships, internal access programmes, and working directly with schools across the UK. Our consultancy team gives free advice and resources to applicants on a daily basis, and we also regularly deliver free presentations to schools. We believe that students with the potential to apply to top universities should have access to the information and support to do so, and we’re always thinking of ways that we can help make this happen. For 2022, we are proud to be partnering with The Access Project.

The Access Project

Supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access top universities, through a unique combination of tuition and in-school mentoring. Working with them to make good applications, get the grades and transition to university.

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An interview with Jenna, A former Oxbridge Applications Access Scheme client.

A state comprehensive.
My school read over the final draft of my personal statement and suggested small changes.
In year 13, there are usually 100 students. Most years no one goes to Oxbridge. I was the only person from my year group to get an interview and an offer out of 4 applicants.
At GCSE I had 7A*s, 4As and a Distinction. I sat 1 GCSE early in year 9.
The interview was the scariest part! My school didn’t know anything about what happens at interview so were unable to give me a mock interview of any sort, which is something the vast majority of candidates seem to have had! Before I had the mock interview sessions with Oxbridge Applications, I felt like my application was doomed before it had really started.
Oxbridge Applications were my main source of guidance and information regarding the admissions process and I don’t believe I would have gotten an offer without the help they provided. The mock interviews gave me a lot of confidence because I knew I was now as prepared as most of the candidates and they really helped me learn how to go about answering the quite open questions thrown at you by an interviewer. The Cambridge Law Test seminar was also really helpful and I used the techniques learned in my actual test. The mock questions posted by Cambridge, at first glance, are daunting; after my preparation session, I found myself able to deconstruct the questions and answer something only days before I thought were unanswerable!
Although it’s said that no legal knowledge is required for interview, it is definitely good to know how the legal system works and to have looked a bit into the main categories of law. I wouldn’t have been able to answer some of the questions asked if I wasn’t aware of how the legal system works. This is a great website to help you do that: Also, read more than the introductory books. Most introductory books are more or less the same and give little depth. I’d also recommend reading Utilitarianism and On Liberty by John Stuart Mill; the arguments presented are very applicable and I found myself referring back to them a lot during my answers at interview/in the Cambridge Law Test.

Application Testimonials

I am extremely grateful all the courses that you held in preparation for the TSA and for the interviews. I honestly couldn’t have done it without your support at every stage. Thank you to the whole team and especially to my mentor, who was amazing in tutoring me over Skype™ , in preparing me so accurately to the interviews, with the questions he gave me to practice and the skills to developed in answering questions, and how to explore my answers. All this help really helped me tremendously in my interviews! I felt so much more confident and for that I really couldn’t of done any better. Thank you again for everything, the generosity and support was unbelievable, and I met some amazing people along the way too.

The guidance I have received from my mentor and the Oxbridge Applications team has been invaluable…Not only has the mentoring helped me become more familiar with my subject as an academic discipline, but it has also helped me to better articulate myself and present ideas more clearly and succinctly-skills which I believe definitely proved useful at interview. I do not think I would have had the confidence necessary to apply had it not been for the support I have received from the service and for that, I cannot thank Oxbridge Applications enough. I encourage anyone who is thinking of applying to Oxbridge to definitely apply to the service!

The mock interviews gave me a lot of confidence because I knew I was now as prepared as most of the candidates and they really helped me learn how to go about answering the quite open questions thrown at you by an interviewer.

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