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Experience a true to life MMI Circuit before your medical interviews

Attending our MMI Circuit Day enables students to experience the unique style of interview they will receive for their application to medical school. Tailored feedback is provided to attendees so they can develop their communication and problem-solving skills.


There will be 2 events or “courses” on the day starting at 11:15, 14:30 respectively.

Sixteen MMI mock interview stations that replicate the real thing

Practise prioritisation and decision making.

Introductory lecture providing an overview on the MMI

Verbal and written feedback.

Work in teams to learn from your fellow students

Work on clinical cases, ethics and role play.

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What's On Our MMI Circuit Day

Informative Talk

An overview of MMIs for university applications and a briefing about what students will face during the day.

Sixteen MMI Stations

Students will work pairs where they will each shadow eight stations and lead on eight stations. Additional experience is gained from observing teammates face similar scenarios and questions.

Verbal and Written Feedback

Receive comprehensive feedback from our expert consultants that will provide a framework for further preparation.

Designed by Medical Professionals

Our expert medic consultants have formulated our MMI circuits to be a replica of those sat in real interviews, They work with students on the day to help them learn how to show interviews the  attributes expected of medical students, such as professionalism, communication, problem-solving and empathy.


30th November 2019New Academic Building, London School of Economics, 54 Lincoln’s Inn Fields, London WC2A 3LJEnglandMMI Circuit Day

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