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MPs in the UK have argued that not enough is being done to protect homes in England from flooding. Jim Fitzpatrick, the MP who is currently acting chair of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee (Efra), has implied that the government needs to be more transparent about the funding they are willing to invest in flood prevention in England. Comments made around the issue of flooding suggest that there are a host of associated issues that environmental groups believe are not being addressed adequately by the government.  

However, a government spokesman for the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs recently informed BBC News that ‘we are investing 2.5bn on building flood defence schemes across the country to better protect an additional 300,000 homes by 2012, bringing an end to year-on-year fluctuations in spend’.

Geography applicants may want to consider the ways in which governments can update resources and create action plans that take into account the changing weather conditions caused by climate change. Applicants to Land Economy should ask themselves: what are the long-term socio-economic consequences of flooding in England?

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