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About 40% of the students we work with each year are based outside of the UK. We regularly work with applicants from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the USA, France, Germany, across the UAE, Canada, and more.

The starting point for International Applicants is the same as for UK applicants: meet with Oxbridge Applications for a Private Consultation. This allows our team to look carefully at what qualifications you are currently working towards, explore the context of your educational achievement so far, and then help you to strategize on course and university choices, and - of course - how best to continue your preparation.

Moving on from the consultation meeting, we are able to support individual applicants via our Premier Service programme, which we tailor carefully for each applicant depending on their needs. Special arrangements can also be made for applicants outside of the UK for tutor homestays, one-to-one university tours, and for intensive periods of tuition held at our Central London offices.

To have an initial discussion with one of our advisors, contact us on +44 207 499 2394) or email

Structure of a Consultation

An International Private Consultation is divided into three key sections:



The candidate’s subject knowledge, communication skills and potential to study their chosen subject at Oxbridge is assessed in a one-to-one interview environment using mock interview questions from previous years. Students have the opportunity to sit a shorter, half-hour version of their chosen Oxbridge university admissions pre-test which is used to indicate their current strengths and how their results relate to a score on the full admissions paper.



Once the mock interview is completed, the student is asked to leave the session so the Oxbridge-graduate admissions tutor can discuss their performance with their family. This also provides an opportunity for parents and guardians to raise questions about any stage of the application process.


Evaluation &
next steps

Together with the tutor, family and student, we will work on developing a strategy that is intended to mature the student’s skills for each stage of the application, preparing them for their Oxford or Cambridge interview as an international student.

Students from the age of 14 and up are welcome to book an International Private Consultation; however, for applicants under 17, there is no mock paper to sit. For international students between 14-17, sessions are shorter, running for 60 minutes and the cost is reduced to £295.

The mock papers and mock interviews that make up the International Private Consultation are subject-specific and tailored to the candidate’s chosen area of study. Each of our HAT, BMAT, MAT, ENGAA and other Oxbridge mock admission pre-tests are created by Oxbridge University-graduate tutors and can be purchased separately on our website. Mini mock admission tests that are relevant to the applicant are used as part of the International Private Consultation to indicate how the candidate would perform on a full-length admissions test, as well as highlighting what areas should be improved before the admissions test season in October.

Types of Consultation


Available: Year round

Includes: Mini mock admissions test, a mock-interview and full feedback with strategy session.

Duration: 90 mins

Booking Info

All bookings are taken over the phone with a consultant.



Available: Year round

Includes: Two mini mock admissions tests, a mock-interview and full feedback with strategy session.

Duration: 120 mins

Booking Info

All bookings are taken over the phone with a consultant.


Following the consultation, candidates may be invited to join our most bespoke and comprehensive programme of support, the International Premier Service.


Alicia Luba
Consultancy Director

BA Oxon, MA Kings College, London

Alicia holds a first-class degree in English Literature from St Hilda’s College Oxford and also an MA in Shakespeare from Kings College, London. She has been consulting with students, schools and parents for Oxbridge Applications since 2013, specialising in the Arts and Humanities subjects. She regularly takes on her own Premier Service students as well as conducting the initial Private Consultations in the London office or around the globe. Alicia travels to meet clients and schools in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, China, Nigeria and most recently, Oman.

Alison Bissell
International Business Development Director

BA Oxon

Alison read Mathematics and Philosophy at Pembroke College, Oxford. She began working with Oxbridge Applications as a tutor and has maintained this role alongside her other work since 2012. As a consultant with Oxbridge Applications, Alison has conducted hundreds of mock interviews and consultations with students both in the UK and around the globe, travelling to schools in the Middle East and Far East. She has also worked in corporate roles within government, before rejoining us in September 2017.

What does a Private Consultation at Oxbridge Applications involve?


Common Areas Covered in a Private Consultation

When a student decides that they want to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, they immediately encounter a range of questions.

A Private Consultation is an opportunity to get expert, detailed answers based on our 18 years of research to questions like these:

Which university should I apply to? How should I choose between Oxford and Cambridge?
How do I compare to others in my position? Am I as good as other students applying?
Which specific degree would suit me? How would different course choices affect my chances of success?
What’s the difference between the colleges? Do I stand a better chance at some rather than others?
How can I prepare myself properly for the interviews? What will I be asked – and why?
How can I prepare for the TSA, ELAT, HAT, PAT, LNAT, Cambridge Law Test, BMAT exam, or any of the other admissions tests they might throw my way?


Private Consultations take place throughout the year and are most appropriate for students over the age of 15. We strongly encourage parents or guardians to be involved as well. We find family involvement tends to have a substantial and positive impact on the application. Please give us a call on +44 (0) 20 7499 2394 to discuss availability and book an appointment.

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Private Consultation Testimonials

We thought the consultation was super-helpful for us and we've spoken to a number of friends already - it's totally worth it. I couldn't have found a better place to land. You have my full endorsement.


We were both impressed with… the guidance [you were] able to offer. Your organisation is highly professional and personal; no wonder you lead the market.


Thank you also for all your brilliant help, it made the whole process far less daunting.


I thought it was a most impressive session which [my son] got a lot from. Very much worth every penny. Thank you.


Many thanks for your time on Saturday and for the detailed feedback. All of us found the session highly informative and useful. You provided invaluable information and advice to [my daughter] which I know she has already started to take on board.


Thank you for all this information, we are finding it very helpful indeed . . . the consultation and swift feedback has been invaluable in seeing where [my son] is currently at and what he needs to focus on improving. He has a lot to do but it is great now to have a clear vision of what they will be looking for.


I am delighted to have met you: you are indeed an inspiration to the youngsters whom you mentor . . . my experience with Oxbridge Applications has always been very good, and I'm confident that the coming year will be exactly the same.


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