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The Premier Service is our comprehensive long-term offering. With the support of our full-time Oxbridge consultants, drawing on decades of experience and a network of subject specialists, our students receive tailored support on every aspect of their academic and university application needs. This results in a much higher likelihood of access to the UK’s top universities, but also students who have built a range of important academic and personal qualities.

The Premier Service Programme

One-to-one academic mentoring

Students are mentored in their chosen subject by an Oxbridge-graduate subject specialist throughout the application process. This helps develop subject knowledge, communication, and academic strength. Mentors teach not just subject knowledge but also how to work and thrive in an Oxbridge-style academic setting.

Personal Statement Support

Your mentor is joined by former admissions tutors to work closely with the student on developing and drafting a strong personal statement in the Oxbridge style. Our in-house consulting team review unlimited drafts to make sure that your final submission is perfect.

University, course and college selection

Drawing on over 20 years of experience and research, we develop a shortlist of colleges that may best suit the applicant. Consultants are also available year-round to discuss University and course selection, providing statistics and taster sessions where necessary, to help pick the most suitable path.

Communications skills workshops

Each Premier Service students works one-on-one with a former Oxbridge academic and real admissions tutor to get an honest and authoritative view on their current level. These sessions target confidence and communications skills; an essential asset for any university application or future job interview.

Admissions Test Preparation

If the student’s chosen course requires an admissions test, they receive one-to-one tutorials with our test experts and receive full access to our in-house mock tests. These tests are bespoke, and in many cases, offer more specimen questions than the universities themselves.

Interview Practice

Premier Service students receive further mock interview practice through our Interview Preparation Days and Oxbridge Residential Course. Here, one-to-one mock interviews are conducted with a range of subject-specialists to give students confidence and make them comfortable with a range of different question types.

Premier Service Events

In addition to this range of support, our Premier Clients also attend two key courses at strategic points during the year:

Premier Day (September): Premier Day, held in the critical post-summer period which most students find to be crunch-time for their application, is designed to initiate the intensive preparation that will be required in the following months. After participating in small-group tutorials, preliminary mock interviews, and a one-to-one consultation, students are provided with an assessment of their progress and recommendations of key areas requiring work in the following months. Students also have the chance to ask application questions to our panel of Oxbridge academics and former admissions tutors.

Oxbridge Preparation Weekend (October): The October Oxbridge Preparation Weekend is our flagship residential course, designed to develop the key abilities admissions tutors will be looking for in successful applicants. Students undergo one-to-one time with former Oxbridge Admissions Tutors, subject-focused tutorials, admission test support, and a full day of rigorous mock interviews, allowing them to work intensively on fine-tuning their application.

Ella's just heard she's got a place! Stephanie tutored Ella so excellently. She was incredibly solid and sound in her approach. She gave Ella clear guidance and goals, and pushed Ella to the upper limits of what she could achieve, setting demanding challenges and encouraging her in a positive way. Ella went into the PAT and interviews feeling confident and calm with an understanding of Physics elevated way beyond the syllabus. You had a very large part to play in helping Ella show her colours.


We wanted to write as well, in order to express our gratitude to everyone at Oxbridge Applications for all your help, guidance and support. We feel that the Programme you run is well-conceived, far-reaching and very professional. Everything that Andrew has learned along the way as a result of being part of the Programme, will only serve him extremely well in the future.


The skills she learned through you will be of lifelong benefit. In particular the growth in confidence, which has enabled her to project herself properly, will undoubtedly make going forward into her future challenges much more enjoyable and rewarding.


My expectations have definitely been surpassed, and I believe I have benefited greatly from the range of advice and guidance that I had received as an applicant- from the tiniest details on respective college admissions processes to interview feedback.


I also wanted to thank you and all those involved in helping and supporting my son during this very difficult process. Everybody was great. In particular, he had a brilliant working relationship with his mentor... He was a great support for my son through the whole process. I would highly recommend you as a company and all the tutors involved.


I wanted to say thank you for your support in the preparation for the assessment and interview at Cambridge. I believe that the programme really helped with his confidence and performance. Clearly we are in the hands of the university now. Thank you for your good work and professionalism - it's been a real learning experience, and here's hoping to a positive outcome.'


My son learnt such a lot from his mentor during this whole process. They quickly established a great working relationship and his mentor was particularly good at adapting the sessions to focus on the areas where my son felt he needed more support. The tutoring was flexible enough to work really well in a boarding school environment, through Skype everything was possible, also during holidays. More than anything else his mentor gave him the confidence to go forward on this new chosen career path with great enthusiasm.


We would like to thank you for all the help and support you provided her: she would not have made it without the hours of tutoring and interview preparation that your program offers. We’re glad she embarked on this journey with you and we will not hesitate to get in touch again for further assistance if needed. We will wholeheartedly recommend your program to other students.


Just wanted to say thank you very much for your advice and support - even though we are at the beginning of the journey, I’ve already had the most professional help. You have already become a trusted advisor! Initially, he was not even considering Engineering and it was your suggestion to try it. You were right, he is completely set on it now, no doubts.


I just wanted to say thank you for everything you have done to help her in Cambridge application journey. The service has been outstanding, every single aspect of it. We are also particularly grateful to her tutor, who has surpassed any expectations one may have had of a tutor, supporting superbly both academically and emotionally at every single step. As we told him in a recent email, he has been a real role model, a source of admiration and aspiration. His hard work, his sheer knowledge and teaching ability, his patience and determination are only admirable. He has shown what a great geographer looks like, and the meaning of hard work. He has taught lessons that will be valuable and long lasting, whatever the outcome of the Cambridge application, and he has ignited an even greater passion for geography than she had to begin with.


We can’t thank you all enough for all the help and guidance you have given Caitlin. We so admired your professionalism and constant support. We were particularly impressed by Robin’s invaluable sessions. He truly inspired Caitlin– challenging her and stretching her – and she really missed them when she stopped after her interview. He engendered in Caitlin even more passion for ASNaC and we were so utterly thrilled that she is now able to pursue her passion.


I have just finished my interviews for Cambridge University and wanted to say a huge thank you to you for all your help over the past few months. The practice interviews really set me up well for today, as did your help on my personal statement. I have really enjoyed the process!


We definitely thought Adam had a decent chance of getting in before he started working with you all, but as the process went along we could see him becoming a stronger and more focused candidate. Your help was invaluable in helping him be the best he could possibly be. He went to interview very comfortable and confident and felt he couldn’t have done better. He learnt so much from all the different people who worked with him – they were uniformly excellent.

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Our Oxbridge-graduate consultants are available between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday, with additional evening availability when requested.

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