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An alternative to the traditional

Although online summer schools were previously already a great alternative to traditional summer schools (given the convenience and expense savings), the introduction of the new social distancing measures has meant that they are now the best and only way to enjoy the advantages of attending a summer academic programme. Providers such as Oxbridge Applications offer rigorous, personalised programmes for ambitious students who wish to distinguish themselves from the rest of the pack.

Show drive and initiative

A student can prove to universities that they possess initiative and drive by attending an online summer school. While these qualities, considered ‘soft skills’ in the workplace, are invaluable in any professional context, they are especially important given the increasingly competitive nature of university applications. For instance, for the Economics and Management course at the University of Oxford, there were on average only 85 successful candidates out of over 1400 applicants between 2017-19. Although impressive exam grades can go a long way towards securing a place, attending an summer school may be the difference between acceptance and rejection, especially if the programme helps you to improve your personal statement, interview or admissions test performance. Oxbridge tutors look for students with a genuine interest in, and proven commitment to, their chosen field; an extra-curricular online summer programme is the perfect way to demonstrate both of these qualities. Specialist admissions summer schools provide prospective applicants with in-depth, insider knowledge on how the Oxbridge admissions system (which can often be somewhat esoteric) works to ensure they do not succumb to common application pitfalls.

Independent learning

The university academic system, especially at Oxford and Cambridge (which both have unique tutorials/supervisions as part of the teaching system), differs massively from how students learn at school. Not only is there an increased focus on independent learning, as evidenced by the decreased contact hours, but the subject content can sometimes even be unrecognisable when compared to A-level. Mathematics at Cambridge, for example, will cover content (in certain modules) which is highly different to what Year 13 mathematicians are used to. An online summer school which allows you to experience your chosen university course can ensure that you do not apply for a course, or a university, which does not suit your learning style. Furthermore, having a taste of university academic life will make you better prepared for university, since it will teach you how to express yourself in academic language, both verbally and in written essays. Such a skill is key to success at Oxbridge; it is required during weekly tutorials/supervisions as well as when writing (weekly) academic papers.

Don't fall behind

At this time, given the government’s social distancing rules and the closing of schools, it is paramount that ambitious secondary school and Sixth Form students keep to a structured academic routine. Online summer schools are a safe way of ensuring that students do not fall behind on their university applications and preparations while schools are closed. Additionally, the cancellation of exams means the competition for university places could be even greater this year since students will have more time to perfect their personal statements and prepare for admissions tests. The Oxbridge Applications comprehensive 8-week Online Summer School, which is aimed at those serious about gaining admission to competitive universities, develops aspiring Oxbridge students into compelling applicants through Oxbridge style teaching, mock interviews and personal statement drafting.

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