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Upcoming Oxbridge Application Deadlines for 2023 Applicants

Embarking on the journey to Oxford or Cambridge is an academic adventure like no other. As the application season approaches, prospective Oxbridge students must keep their eyes firmly fixed on the calendar. With a series of crucial deadlines and important steps in the application process, staying organised and informed is essential. In this article, we'll take you through the key application deadlines for Oxbridge applicants this year, providing a concise overview of what is remaining and what you need to prepare.



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10th November - Oxford Written Work Submission Deadline:

  • If you’re applying to Oxford and your course requires written work, you will have to submit it for consideration by this date.
  • Be sure to fully proofread your written work one last time before submitting. Double check the length requirements to ensure your work is appropriate for submitting.


November - Cambridge Written Work Deadline:

  • Cambridge applicants required to submit written work will also have to do so in the month of November. The specific date for which your deadline will be set depends on the college considering your application, so be sure to read through any information they communicate to you fully for details.
  • Again, proofread your work carefully to ensure it is appropriate in terms of length and content.


20-30th November - Cambridge Humanities Tests:

  • If you're applying for humanities courses at Cambridge, college-registered admissions assessments will take place during this window. Check our admissions test resource hub for specific details on your admissions test.
  • The specific date of your test will depend on the college considering your application. Be sure to read through any correspondence from the college in detail to be sure of the date and processes associated with your test.


Mid-November Onwards - Interview Invitations Released:

  • Keep a close eye on your UCAS portal for news relating to your application during this period, as this is when you will find out if you have been invited to interviews.
  • Prepare for interviews by practising with mock interviews and considering difficult questions or talking points to do with your personal statement and interests, as well as wider theories pertaining to your chosen course. Our Oxbridge Interviews Resource Guide is a good place to start with interview preparation. 


1-20th December - Interviews Take Place:

  • Interview dates may vary, so be flexible with your schedule. All the information you need to know about interviews will be communicated to you by the college in question in the weeks leading up to your interview(s).
  • Be sure to note whether your interview is online or in person (almost all applicants will be interviewed online this year, with only certain Cambridge colleges interviewing UK-based applicants in person). If you get an in person interview, we advise to book our Oxbridge Consultation. This includes a subject-specific mock interview, offering an opportunity to practice in a face-to-face setting at our Central London office near Piccadilly Circus.


Successfully navigating the Oxbridge application process requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. By keeping these key deadlines in mind and following the preparation steps outlined above, you'll be well on your way to a strong application. Remember, the competition is fierce, but your dedication and determination will set you apart. Seek guidance from teachers, mentors, and resources like Oxbridge Applications to ensure your application shines.

As you embark on this exciting journey, stay focused, stay organised, and stay confident in your abilities. Your dream of studying at Oxford or Cambridge is within reach, and with the right preparation, you can make it a reality. Good luck!

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