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Breast cancer has had a particularly strong media presence in the UK over the past few years, after it was reported in 2011 that Britain had the highest rate of breast cancer mortalities in Europe.  Since that time, significant funding has been given to the field, resulting not only in a sharp raise in awareness of early symptoms, but also an increase in the number of women going for screening.

As women, we are often told about the importance of doing regular self-checks.  Many people, however, do not feel that they have the ability to identify small changes, and that, by the time they realise that something is atypical, it may be too late.  Now, there is another way to protect yourself, and spot any changes early.

An eighteen year old Mexican student, Julian Rios Cantu, has just developed a cancer detecting bra, which is filled with sensory detectors, monitoring the shape and surface of the breasts and surrounding areas.  Cantu has just won the 2017 Global Student Entrepreneur Award, and has received $20,000 to develop his product.

If successful, this could be a ground-breaking addition to any woman’s wardrobe.  At the moment, there is no information about any clinical trial successes, or the price of the bras should they make it to the market. 

Students applying for Material Sciences may want to think about how clothing can prevent life-threatening diseases. Medical students may want to think about medical advances can come from unexpected places.

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