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WinSun Decoration Design Engineering in Shanghai have produced the first ever 3D printed house. The printer is said to be able to produced 10 houses in under 24 hours, all made from recycled materials and aimed at abating the homelessness problem in Shanghai.

Each house is approximately 60 square feet and costs $4800, printed in blocks and then assembled in the final location they are meant to be in. The printers were 32m long, 10m wide, and 6.6m tall, and used cement and construction waste to build the walls up by individual layers.

The first 3D printed house project will be in eastern China, the city of Qingdao, and of interest to geography students, signals a change in the way we deal with housing issues and relieving dense populations through technology and engineering solutions.

The existence of this technology in Shanghai is particularly pertinent given that Shanghai is the richest city of a country with an incredibly fast growing economy, but yet suffers from an increasing wealth gap and vast inequality

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