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Blimey, did you see that Boat Race? The crowds, the excitement,  the incredibly tall people wandering around all over the place! If you missed it on Saturday, you can watch the final moments of Oxford’s resounding victory over Cambridge below (bad luck Cambridge, but you are winning overall) .  Plus, read our blog next week if you’ve ever wanted to know the answers to the following questions:

1) How is the rise in tuition fees a little bit like the Olympics? (Clue – it’s not just the fact that it’s going to be expensive and cause lots of disruption in everyone’s lives in 2012.)

2) How is preparing for your interview a just like training for the Boat Race? (Tip – head for the library, not the gym…)

3) How can planning, preparation and tactics help spur you on to success? (It’s not just about brute mental strength, you also need a game plan.) All will become clear on Monday!

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Oxbridge Applications, 14 – 16 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AR

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