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English Literature

Tom graduated from Cambridge in 2019 with a 2.i in English Literature and 1st class results in dissertations on architecture in Milton's Paradise Lost and historicity in literature. He joined Oxbridge Applications in 2021 and now heads our Consultancy Team, meeting with applicants and their families and advising on hundreds of applications to Oxford and Cambridge every year. He works privately with a number of our English applicants, helping them to develop not just into stronger applicants, but students who are already working at undergraduate level and ready to begin university months ahead of their peers. He looks forward to helping candidates develop their own specialities and areas of interest this year, as well as discussing everything from 17th century poetry and philosophy through to modernism and the interface between art and literature.

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Our Oxbridge-graduate consultants are available between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday, with additional evening availability when requested.

Oxbridge Applications, 58 Buckingham Gate, London, SW1E 6AJ

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