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One of the first challenges for any of your students considering Cambridge or Oxford is figuring out exactly what needs to be done when. The UCAS deadline for Cambridge, Oxford and anyone applying for Medicine or Veterinary Medicine is October 15th, rather than in January. This is a good starting point – most students are advised to get a first draft of the personal statement done over summer as a result. 

Similarly, applicants may have to sit an admissions test – something not required for most other university applications. Most of these take place in the first week of November, but the LNAT (National Aptitude Test for Law) occurs earlier.

Students applying for a bursary or choral and organ scholars also need to be aware of additional deadlines in their application process.

With so many dates to keep track of, it is difficult to make sure your students do not miss out on any important information. To simplify the process, we have put together this application calendar, with all the key dates of the application cycle.

Once students have understood the important dates, they will need to plan out their preparation across the application cycle. For a full, tailored plan of action for preparation, as well as all of the research and information students need to make sure they are putting forward an application that represents their full potential, students can book an appointment with one of our Senior Consultants for a Private Consultation.

Application dates                                                                                 Our support


15th – UCAS deadline for all non-Oxbridge courses

18th – 20th and 25th – 27th – Cambridge Shadowing Scheme

31st – Applications for Oxford’s UNIQ summer school open

At this time of year, students will be making their first steps towards considering their university futures. Now is a good time for your students to begin exploring their course and university options, which our free Teacher Resources will support you to do.


15th – Deadline for choral scholarships

28th – Deadline for organ scholarships

Knowing how you can best support your students is the key to ensuring they make the most of their university applications. Using our Student Application Timetable, which includes a thorough list of deadlines and special interest competitions, will help you make sure your students engage with all that Oxbridge has to offer.


16th-19th – UCAS fairs in the South of England

In this month before exam preparation begins, students should look to make the most of the space and time to consider their nearing university applications. Our Oxbridge Preparation Days are in-school events which will allow groups of your best and brightest students to have a one-day intensive course on what being an Oxbridge student will be like.


1st – Visa information to be submitted to Oxford and Cambridge

13th-16th – UCAS fairs concentrated in the West of England

19th – Student Finance Wales deadline

20th-23rd – UCAS fairs concentrated in the East of England

During April, we continue to offer our Oxbridge Preparation Days to schools to help students learn in an Oxbridge-style environment and help them to consider their future university prospects. In April, we also have our deadline for the Access Scheme and the Scholarship Scheme. This comprehensive service allows eligible students to have access to the full wealth of support we offer in every aspect of making an Oxbridge application, to ensure they are not prohibited from reaching their true potential.


2nd – UKCAT registration opens

6th – UCAS deadline for insurance/firm offers if all offers received

11th – Deadline for STEP entries

27th – Student Finance England deadlines

At this point of the year, mathematics and medicine students in particular need to be thinking about signing up for their admissions tests and STEP papers. We support students by offering bespoke In-House Tuition for schools which require specialist support in a subject area, or specific admissions test.


8th-12th – UCAS fairs in Northwest England

12th – STEP paper I

16th-19th – UCAS fairs concentrated in Northeast England

18th – STEP paper 2

21st – STEP paper 3

22nd-30th – UCAS fairs concentrated in Southeast England

In June, students will largely (and rightly) be focused on achieving their full potential in their end of year exams. We support students throughout this month by offering Oxbridge Preparation Days in schools, as well as continue support via our Free Resources and one-to-one preparation through our Private Consultations.


1st – Oxford UNIQ opens

6th – Cambridge Open Day

Many students at this point will have a firm idea of what it is they want to study. Our one-day intensive Subject Taster Days allow students to have a challenging and rigorous exploration of their chosen subject with a graduate in their course, providing them with an encompassing view of what their subject entails at an undergraduate level.


1st – Deadline for sending IELTS certificates to Oxbridge

9th – Scottish Highers results day

16th – STEP results day,

17th – A Level results day

23rd – GCSE results day

Following the release of exam results, many students will either be more solidified or more uncertain about their university futures. For students at GCSE and AS-level unsure of what to do next, our consultants are always available for a Private Consultations to assess a student’s suitability for a place at Oxbridge for the next application year.


1st – registration to take the LNAT opens

14th – Oxford Open Day

19th – UKCAT registration closes

Many students will have already begun their personal statement at this time of year. September is the perfect time for students to be revising and improving upon their personal statements in anticipation of the Oxbridge deadline in October. We offer free Personal Statement Workbooks as well as Skype Mock Interview Packages, where students can have one-to-one mentoring by an Oxbridge graduate in their subject to help them demonstrate their full potential in their Oxbridge application. 


15th – UCAS deadline for Oxbridge applications

20th – Deadline for taking the LNAT

22nd – Deadline for taking Cambridge’s Supplementary Application Questionnaire

October is the most final deadline of your students’ Oxbridge application. With the deadline for submission occurring midway through the month, students should focus on not only submitting a brilliant application, but also performing well on their accompanying admissions tests. Our Admissions Test Courses prepare students for their tests through intensive seminars and practice papers, led by an experienced Oxbridge graduate in that subject area. During this month, our flagship event, the Oxbridge Preparation Weekend, allows students to cover all areas of their Oxbridge application in a residential course setting.


9th – Oxford deadline for submitting written work

Late November – Oxbridge interviews begin

November is the most crucial month for interview practice. We see students ask for more help in this month than at any point during the year, and our support reflects that. In November, we run Interview Preparation Days which allow students to learn and implement key communication skills, as well as a range of interview styles from our excellent Oxbridge graduate tutor team. For students unable to access our largely London offerings, we have Skype Mock Interview Packages to support students in their final rounds of interview preparation.


Early December – Oxbridge interviews continue


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Our Oxbridge-graduate consultants are available between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday, with additional evening availability when requested.

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