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Gavel On a Legal TextLaw is a notoriously competitive subject; this, along with the intellectually combative principles that drive it, can make it one of the more intimidating interviews to walk into. How can you feel confident you’ll know the answers?

  • “Should stalking be a criminal offence?”
  • “In a society of angels, do you need laws?”
  • ” What is a reasonable belief?”

You can’t – after all, if it were possible to ‘know the answers’ to questions like the ones above, would there be any value in having law at all? Your job, when it comes to preparation, is to immerse yourself in difficult questions like these. Get used to stretching those argumentative muscles in your brain. Can you argue for and against the same idea? Can you draw upon your understanding of the legal system (limited as it will be) to back up a stance? Can you cope with a huge question that asks you to give an opinion on broad topics such as International Law or will you be a rabbit in the headlights? The more you practise handling questions that seem too hard at first, the more prepared you will be to give your interview your all. Our legal eagle top tutor has shown here how one might approach some truly tricky legal issues that depend upon case law.

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