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Four stone heads outside the Sheldonian theatre OxfordHave you asked yourself why you are planning to apply to Oxbridge? It seems an obvious question, but Oxbridge’s global reputation is such that you might find you're chasing after the prestige of the place without really considering its value to you. One benefit that the rise in tuition fees has actually afforded students, is that it encourages serious consideration prior to application. What is this degree actually going to do for you? Why is it worth your money? How can you make the absolute most of your time?

As much as we at OA are huge advocates for Oxford and Cambridge, and truly believe that getting a place is a wonderful academic opportunity worth fighting for, we have no doubt whatsoever that Oxbridge is not right for everyone. This resource explores the following questions to help you figure out whether it is a good idea or not...

1) Am I good enough to apply to Oxbridge?

2) Will the work/life balance at Oxbridge be right for me?

3) Is the pursuit of my subject a genuine reason for my desire to go to university?

We hope the following will help you to gain an honest perspective on whether it's the best choice for you...

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Oxbridge Applications, 14 – 16 Waterloo Place, London, SW1Y 4AR

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