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Embarking on the university application journey doesn't have to be all stress and no play. Especially whilst the application deadline itself is a long way away and you’ve got school work to focus on in the meantime, it’s important to find low-stress yet engaging ways to educate yourself about your chosen subject. At Oxbridge Applications, we're all about making the process enjoyable. In this blog, we'll explore unconventional and low-effort ways to enhance your application without feeling like you're working on it. These creative activities can effortlessly deepen your subject knowledge and make your application shine when the time comes.


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Podcast Binge

Turn your downtime into a learning experience by listening to podcasts related to your field. Whether it's a casual discussion or an expert interview, absorbing information through audio can be a game-changer. Drop insights gained into conversations or interviews, showcasing your effortless knowledge.


Document Your Curiosities:

Keep a casual "Curiosity Journal" (the exact name you call it is up to you!) where you jot down interesting things you come across daily. It could be a quirky fact, a thought-provoking quote, or even a doodle that represents a concept. This collection can serve as a goldmine for unique content when you're drafting your personal statement.


Learn through Netflix:

Turn your favourite streaming service into an educational tool. Watch documentaries or series related to your subject. You'll be surprised at how much you can pick up subconsciously. Plus, referencing a compelling documentary in your application can add a touch of flair.


Gamify Learning:

Explore educational games and apps that make learning feel like play. Whether it's language apps, brain teasers, or strategy games, these can subtly boost your cognitive skills and demonstrate a proactive approach to self-improvement.


Use Social Media as a Tool:

Leverage social media platforms to follow experts, institutions, and groups in your field. Engaging with their content can keep you informed about the latest trends and research. This could be by following university accounts, those of academics or industry-leading specialists, or just those with a casual interest in the same topics as you - as long as you remain critical of where the information you’re learning comes from to be sure of its validity, every avenue counts! Next time you find yourself scrolling TikTok or Instagram, why not train the algorithm to give you exciting academic content to help you learn in a fun way.


Reflect Mindfully Through Art:

If you’re artistically or creatively inclined, why not incorporate art into your reflective process? Sketch or paint concepts that resonate with your academic journey or, if visual arts aren’t your thing, try creating a song, dance, or poem about them! Not only can this serve as a relaxing activity away from screens, but it also provides a visual representation of your passions that can help you remember salient topics as well as motivate your learning.

Who said preparing for university applications had to be a bore? By infusing your routine with these laid-back yet effective activities, you're not just working on your applications; you're embracing an enjoyable journey of self-discovery. Keep it light, stay curious, and watch your application effortlessly come to life!

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