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Applying to Oxbridge is challenging, both for an aspiring student and their family.

Run by highly experienced Oxbridge-graduate specialists, the Oxbridge Parent’s Conference offers expert guidance and support for the parents and guardians of future Oxford or Cambridge applicants. 

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Speak to Oxbridge graduates with personal experience of the admissions process.


Presenting tutor at Oxbridge Parents Conference

Receive comprehensive answers from consultants, to key admissions questions


Male parent at Oxbridge Parent's Conference

Expert guidance on how to support your child on their Oxbridge journey.

The evening provides invaluable insight into the application process, the qualities the universities are looking for, and also provides answers to all your questions.

The two-and-a-half hour seminar is an excellent opportunity to learn how to help your child excel in their application and how to aid them in their preparation for personal statement writing, Admissions Tests, and interviews.

Annual Survey Report

Every year we survey hundreds of Oxbridge applicants and compile the data into a yearly report, giving you crucial statistical insight into the probability of your child gaining a place.

We have gathered information on all elements of the Oxford and Cambridge application processes, from the types of schools students came from, to what they were asked about an interview, and what further help they would like if they were to apply again.

The key results of our annual survey will be presented at the conference by our Oxbridge experts, along with the implications of these findings for upcoming applicants.

Attentive students in a college course
Parents listing to a tutor at the lecture hall

The Programme Includes;

Former Admissions Tutor Talk
Talk from former Oxbridge Admissions Tutor, Barry Webb, followed by a Q&A session on what interviewers are looking for in candidates approaching their Oxford or Cambridge interviews.

Arrival drinks and refreshments
A chance to chat with the other parents.

Research-led Data Presentation
We’ve taken our data and applied it to your primary areas of concern, to give you the best information about how you can best support your child’s application.

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Our Oxbridge-graduate consultants are available between 9.00 am – 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday, with additional evening availability when requested.

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