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MAT Tips

The best advice we can offer to pass the MAT exam is to begin preparation early and practise often. 
Most students who don’t get through the MAT to be invited to interview tell us that they didn’t spend enough time familiarising themselves with the type of questions that can arise. They typically say that they were caught off guard by a particular question and it put their timings off for the rest of the test.

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Start early: Although you will require content from the first year of Maths A level, challenge yourself to get ahead of the syllabus so you can begin practising MAT questions. Some students also find it necessary to build up their mental arithmetic and speed doing calculations, since calculators are not allowed in the MAT and time is in short supply.
Reflect on your personal strengths and weaknesses. No two students should have the same revision strategy for the MAT, since you all have varying abilities. Try to identify which part of the syllabus you find easiest or whether you often lose marks on either the multiple-choice section or the longer questions. Then tailor your strategy accordingly!
Don’t restrict your practice materials: Once you have tried all of the real past papers, and have moved on to additional materials like our MAT papers, you should then look wider at similar materials. For example, review Maths Olympiad problems, which are of a slightly different format but still develop your problem solving skills.
Work with a friend or teacher to discuss questions and identify your own personal revision goals. Working with others can be a huge motivation and keep you on track in the weeks and months leading up to the test. We have specialist MAT tutors who can work with you one-to-one to refine your test technique.

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