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The Indonesian village of Kampung Pelangi in Randusari is enjoying a surge in tourism, following a colourful makeover stretching across 223 houses, as well as the local bridge and benches which are dotted around the town. Each house, including its rooftop, has been painted a minimum of three colours. Funding for this project came from the local government, who allocated RP 300 million (around £17,000) in the hope that the village would become a new tourist attraction.

The increase in tourism is boosting the local economy, as residents are catering to the needs of the increasing numbers of visitors by selling food and souvenirs. The picturesque village is becoming especially popular with photo enthusiasts, who are uploading their striking images to sites like Instagram, which further raises the profile of Kampung Pelangi.

Prior to the transformation, the village was called Kampung Wonosari and was considered a slum, but the local government saw the opportunity to create an important social project that would encourage citizens to become involved in beautifying their surroundings. The Mayor, Hendrar Prihadi, personally supported locals with the painting. It is hoped that as well as painting the rest of the houses in the village, other activities – such as clearing and cleaning the local river – will follow.

Economics and Politics students might wish to look at how this local government-led project has improved the local economy, while HSPS students might be interested in the effects that social media sites, such as Instagram, have in tourism trends.

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