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As any aspiring Oxbridge candidate, no doubt you have been following the recent coverage on David Cameron’s EU negotiations. The debate has now reached a new level of excitement with a date announced for the UK vote on whether to leave or remain in EU. So what are some of the factors we should be thinking about in the run up to the vote?


If Britain chooses to leave the EU, it would have to consider what its new trading relationship would be with the other 27 member organisations. Students going for Economics and Economics and Management should consider what agreements should be put in place should the UK decide to leave and how to ensure these agreements enable British firms to sell goods and services to EU countries without being hit by excessive tariffs and other restrictions. Interesting models to look at would be those negotiated by countries such as Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.


Those campaigning for the UK to stay in the EU argue that many British jobs would disappear as a result of global manufacturers moving to lower cost non-EU countries. PPE and HSPS students should further explore the ethical as well as economic factors influencing manufacturers having to make such decisions.


Political parties are split over the impact exiting the EU would have on immigration. HSPS and Economics applicants should consider the arguments for and against leaving the EU and the consequences this would have for border control and free movement of migrants. 

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