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A Danish zoo has created a dating app for orangutans similar to the human app ‘Tinder.’ The experiment shows female orangutans potential mates on an iPad, allowing her to choose a mate from various male orangutans. This is designed to improve her mating chances. The zoo will then use this data to choose which male orangutan to bring to the zoo from overseas.

Previously, orangutans have had to be returned to their original zoo without mating. This new experiment is hoping to overcome these difficulties and make the mating process more accurate.

There have been problems with allowing orangutans to use iPads. Many iPads have been smashed during this experiment, and as a result, they are hoping to develop a ‘primate proof’ tablet.

Applicants to Biological Sciences and Psychological and Behavioural Sciences may want to consider the wider implications of this experiment.  How can it be used to gain further insight into how female orangutans make mating choices? How can we use human development and dating preferences to learn about those of another primate? The “Tinder” experiment is part of a broader look at the role of emotions in primate relationships. This experiment could highlight the different levels emotions play in human relationships and in orangutan relationships.

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