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A recent report by the BBC has focused around the issue of rising exclusion in British schools. The number of pupils being permanently excluded from England’s schools has risen by a third over three years.

Students that are looking to apply for Education or Sociology may immediately want to questions what the causal factor behind this increasing figure could be. Furthermore, they could look into the effects of exclusion on child’s welfare. One focus could be pupil referral units and their effectiveness. Are they an opportunity for students to fix their behavioural issues?

Students applying for PBS could look more directly into the causes and consequences of a child’s behaviour.

Student’s wanting to study Economics may want to look further into the figures behind these trends. School exclusions cost the government £2.1 billion in any given cohort. It is then estimated to cost £370,000 over the child’s lifetime, due to poorer outcomes in later life. 50% have a recognised mental health need. These figures were produced by IPPR/The Difference.

Student applying for HSPS, may want to consider the wiser sociological implications that these figures suggest. When considering how meritocratic Britain is and the division between classes social trends are of importance. These figures are useful to show the contributing factors to inequality.

PPE students may want to probe how policies can be used to alter this upwards trends and reduce the costs spent on exclusion. The Department for Education has announced a review to improve exclusions and ensure that best practice is shared across the country.

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