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A recent survey by the Pew Research Center revealed, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the USA is he most powerful country according to people’s perceptions – but the research revealed some intriguing insights into how the world perceives the superpower.

While the USA was the clear frontrunner, with 45 out of 54 surveyed countries naming the USA as the most powerful country, many argued that China was a close second, with Australia, Russia and Canada all naming China as the world’s largest economic superpower.

The Pew Center also polled people’s perception of the USA, finding that the Philippines had the best overall impression of the USA (more than Americans themselves) at 92%. The UK, despite its ‘special relationship’ with the USA, had a median score of 61%. Egypt, Jordan and Russia held the lowest approval ratings. Geography applicants should consider the geopolitical factors involved in determining whether a country approves of another country.

PPE students should consider the benefits and faults with polling systems, and how representative Pew Center research is to presenting global opinions.

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