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The National Trust has announced that it will lease a £1 million farm for just £1 a year to an owner willing to protect its fragile and tempestuous landscape.

The land, in Great Orme north Wales, has a very fragile ecosystem which means the owner would have to take a ‘nature first’ approach to farming. As Geography applicants will be aware, this counters the methods of modern-day farming which requires intensive agriculture to reap the most from the land.

The National Trust says that “we need the most agriculturally productive pasture land to be grazed less and the least agriculturally productive grassland to be grazed more,” and as such will sponsor the farmer who takes the land with free sheep and reduced fees of £1 a year. PPE applicants should consider the compatibility of conservation principles and the economic necessities of agriculture in UK farms, and the difficulties that arise when visitation and tourism are also involved.

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