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If you grew up in the UK or a similar Western country, chances are you were shown a “healthy eating” pyramid, depicting carbohydrate-heavy foods such as pasta, whole grains, brown bread and cereals as food stuffs that we should be eating a substantial amount of in order to have a healthy diet. Fats, on the other hand, are ubiquitously depicted as bad for our health and causers of illnesses such as heart disease.

However, new research on diet, health and our relationship with fats and carbohydrates topples the idea that fats are bad for us, and carbs are beneficial. In fact, this research by medical and health professionals, looking to solve the root cause of type 2 diabetes and obesity, suggests that what we are lead to believe about fats and carbs in particular, may need revising.

Applicants to Medicine may want to consider the ways this may impact the way medical professionals will need to advise patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and other illnesses impacted by diet and lifestyle. Biological Sciences applicants should think about whether different diets may impact people differently depending on their biological and hormonal composition.

Oh, and this doesn’t give you free rein on that greasy take-away you were thinking about having tonight.

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