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Developed by the American TV channel CW, Batwoman, a new superhero programme, could soon be hitting our screens. This hero comes with a difference – that she is the DC universe’s first lesbian.

Should the pilots of show get picked up, Kate Kane (under her alterego as Batwoman) is set swoop into Gotham in December, battling for social justice, whilst also battling her own demons. Kane is described by the show’s writers as an outspoken individual who has strong views. Our new Batwoman has also been branded as expert crime fighter set to squash the city’s criminal resurgance.

Though these may seem like strong attributes to bestow on a character that is likely to be come a fictional role model to many, her original conception was very different. Initially, when she was introduced in the 1950s, Batwoman was designed as a romantic partner for Batman, to dispel ideas that Batman himself might be gay. It wasn’t until 2006 that Batwoman was remade as lesbian Kate Kane. Whilst the news has been filled with positive comments about the work of DC, to many Batwoman seems a strange character to rework into a LGBT champion.

DC, however, has recently done more work to increase the profile of LGBT characters with Midnighter and Apollo becoming their first gay couple. It has also been announced that there will be a transgender character in their new season.

Students aspiring to study English at Oxbridge may wish to investigate the development of characters from classics in modern remakes. HSPS applicants might like to explore the notions of ‘the hero’ and ‘the role model’. 

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