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BBC Radio 5 has recently carried out research focusing around the subject: Would you tell your boss if you had mental health problems? The study suggests that people feel they are worried, scared and unable to declare their mental health problems to their employers in fear of being sanctioned or being made redundant. There are various strands and questions that students can branch off from this topic.

Applicants for PBS or Experimental Psychology may want to think about the place of mental health in a neoliberal, capitalist system, how it is treated and its causes. If mental health is showing trends of increasing within modern societies is this a causal effect of changes in society or is it because mental health is now more easily identified and documented than before?

There have been moves in other countries to reduce the hours in a working day- what effects will this have on people’s mental health and could it be a trend we see throughout other European countries in particular?

Student who want to study HSPS or History and Politics might think about theorists like Durkheim and the study of anomie. Is the current lifestyle that the modern day man is forced into adopting means that people are becoming apathetic and disconnected, leading to increased levels of depression? Furthermore, could this be used to explain acts of violence as people turn to aggressive action to express their frustrations?

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