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An Australian citizen has started a petition to change the name of Australian currency to ‘dollarydoos’, gaining over 50,000 signatures in just 5 days.

The petition organizer, Thomas Probst, has argued that the Australian economy is in need of stimulation and that changing the name of the currency will increase demand and drive up the value of the Australian dollar. The currency has decreased in value starkly due to falling commodity prices and is currently equivalent to 70 US cents; a sharp contrast to its value of 111 US cents in 2011. Economics applicants should investigate how the relationship between Australia’s currency value and economic turmoil.

The name ‘dollarydo’ was inspired by an episode of The Simpsons entitled ‘Bart vs Australia’. HSPS applicants should explore further the weight of this social movement, given its basis in a comedic programme. Neighbouring country New Zealand recently had a petition where the general population voted on the flag for New Zealand – both of these examples raise questions as to the extent to which the public should influence decisions as crucial to national identity as the appearance of the flag and the name of the currency.

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