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Entrance to Oxbridge is ultimately determined by the interview.

Demonstrating teachability, academic potential, and curiosity are crucial to performing well at interview. Our Interview Preparation Days help you to understand what the interviewer expects of you and how to perform best at this final hurdle.

Unsure if you will receive an interview? You can cancel 72 hours before your booked event.

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Interview Preparation Courses- 15th, 21st, 28th November 2020


Interview Preparation Day | Saturday 15th November 2020
Places Available


New Academic Building, 54 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Holborn, London WC2A 3LJ


09.00 - 17.30

Private Interview Preparation Session

Book online and our consultants will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time on the 7th December for your session.

Sessions last 1-hour and are composed of two 30-minute interviews.

Two 30-minute interviews with two expert Oxbridge-graduate consultants (our directors)

Subject-specific, one-to-one interviews

Verbal and written feedback, and a course report packed with research on the admissions process

Our Director Consultants

Alicia Luba
Consultancy Director

BA Oxon, MA Kings College, London

Alicia holds a first-class degree in English Literature from St Hilda’s College Oxford and also an MA in Shakespeare from Kings College, London. She has been consulting with students, schools and parents for Oxbridge Applications since 2013, specialising in the Arts and Humanities subjects. She regularly takes on her own Premier Service students as well as conducting the initial Private Consultations in the London office or around the globe. Alicia travels to meet clients and schools in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, China, Nigeria and most recently, Oman.

Alison Bissell
Head of Oxbridge Applications

BA Oxon

Alison read Mathematics and Philosophy at Pembroke College, Oxford. She began working with Oxbridge Applications as a tutor and has maintained this role alongside her other work since 2012. As a consultant with Oxbridge Applications, Alison has conducted hundreds of mock interviews and consultations with students both in the UK and around the globe, travelling to schools in the Middle East and Far East. She has also worked in corporate roles within government, before rejoining us in September 2017.

Many of the Oxbridge Applications team are also Youth Mental Health First Aiders

Interview Preparation Days

THREE, thirty minute, subject-
specific mock interviews

Guaranteed interview practice with an Oxbridge graduate in your subject. 

Talk from a former Oxbridge
admissions tutor on what
makes a good interview

Verbal and written feedback with recommendations for improvement

Communications Skills
Workshop and Subject Tutorial

Expert guidance on how to communicate confidently at interview

Panel Interview Course

A panel interview with a minimum of two Oxbridge-graduate interviewers

Two subject-specific, one-to-one interviews

Verbal and written feedback, and a course report packed with research on the admissions process

You can see one of our expert tutors, Mathangi, discuss how Interview Preparation Days help prepare applicants here.


Below is an example of how our Interview Preparation Days are structured to help applicants with their preparation.


Arrival and registration



Talk from former Oxbridge Admissions Tutor, Barry Webb, followed by a Q&A session on what interviewers are looking for in candidates approaching their Oxford or Cambridge interviews.


Subject tutorial in small groups, designed to mirror an Oxford or Cambridge tutorial and give applicants the chance to practice their communication in an academic setting, as well as build their subject-knowledge inline with Oxford and Cambridge entry requirements.

Interview Skills

Interview skills workshop with a communications skills expert. In this session, applicants learn how to communicate effectively about their subject to prepare them for the Oxford and Cambridge University admissions interview.

Mock Interviews

Four subject-specific mock interviews with our highly-trained Oxbridge-graduate tutors that help prepare students for their Oxford or Cambridge interview dates. Applicants receive an absolute minimum of one interview with a tutor that has studied their exact subject, and their remaining interviews with Oxbridge-graduate tutors with degrees in highly-relatable subjects. Non-Oxbridge Medicine students receive two traditional interviews and four multi mini interviews (MMIs). Following each interview, you will receive full written and verbal feedback to give you a strategy for improvements.



Below is an example of how our Interview Panel Course is structured to help applicants with their preparation.

9:30 OR 13:45

Arrival and registration


TalkA short introduction to the day from Oxbridge Applications
Mock InterviewsThree mock interviews (one with a panel (two people) and two one-to-one) with our highly-trained Oxbridge-graduate tutors who hold up-to-date knowledge around Cambridge and Oxford University entry requirements. Applicants will receive an absolute minimum of one interview with a tutor that has studied their exact subject, and their remaining interviews with Oxbridge-graduate tutors with degrees in highly-relatable subjects. Following each interview, students will receive full written and verbal feedback to give you a strategy for improvement.
13.30 OR 17.30


What's On Our Interview Preparation Days

Four Mock Interviews

Subject-specific interviews with our highly trained Oxbridge-graduate tutors, to mimic the real Oxbridge interview environment

Oxbridge-Style Tutorials

Inspiring Oxbridge-graduate tutors in your subject push you beyond sixth-form study through undergraduate material

Interview Skills Session

Communication session with a communications expert, teaching students to express themselves more effectively

What Admissions Tutors Look For

Barry Webb - an experienced former Oxford Admissions Tutor - gives students insight on what Oxbridge look for in a student

Communication Skills

Practice speaking confidently about your subject in small-group sessions, mirroring the tutorial and supervision systems of Oxbridge

Guide to the Application Process

Students will receive our guide to the application process, So You Want To Go To Oxbridge

What's On Our Panel Interview Courses

Three Mock Interviews including a Panel

One panel interview and two subject-specific mock interviews with our highly-trained Oxbridge-graduate tutors

Oxbridge-Style Tutorials

A minimum of one interview with a tutor that has studied their exact subject.

Interview Skills Session

A full strategy for improvement, with written and verbal feedback.

Why Choose Our Interview Preparation Days?


We have over 2,400 Oxbridge-graduate tutors, the largest network of Oxbridge graduates outside of alumni groups - the best of which we select for our Interview Preparation Days


We are the longest-running Oxbridge admissions consultancy, with over 20 years of experience and research into how students can best prepare for the Oxbridge interview. This informs the structure of the day


Students receive full written feedback, leaving them with a strategy on how to improve and refine their interview technique beyond the day, as well as advice from former Oxbridge admissions tutors

Example Oxbridge Interview Questions

When a student decides that they want to apply to Oxford or Cambridge, they immediately encounter a range of questions.

How do Jane Austen books portray social history? English, Oxford
How do you work out the relative mass of an element when given its isotopic proportions? Chemistry, Oxford
Why do we need women in Parliament? PPE, Oxford
Why are economists interested in education? Economics & Management, Oxford
Estimate the number of atoms in the sun. Physics, Oxford
How would you measure the length of the Thames? Geography, Oxford
How can you calculate the torque of a wheel? Engineering, Oxford
How would you measure the volume of your own blood? Medicine, Oxford
Which modern composers influence your composition? Music, Oxford

Feedback On Our Interview Preparation Days

You may remember that about a year or so ago we got in touch with you regarding our son Jerry, and his upcoming application to Oxford.
He came to your assessment day as well as the PAT course and the Oxford interview course. We thought that you might like to know that he has been successful in gaining a place at Corpus Christi College to read an MEng. Just to say many thanks to you and your team.The courses were excellent and your kind feedback on his personal statement was very useful.


She loved the whole Interview Preparation Day from being greeted by a warm welcome […] to emerging tired from a full-on day, but still on a high. The day, including the interview skills workshop and practical interview experience, gave she focus to identify where her weaknesses were so that she could rectify them… she came away even more determined to read and prepare more thoroughly for the upcoming interview.


I found the whole day very helpful. He enjoyed meeting the other candidates, and the workshops helped him to focus on preparing (more specifically, at school) for his interviews, and to be ready to think on his feet. It also boosted his confidence in feeling that he was actually prepared for an interview as he got positive feedback.


Your interview day in November was excellent and I am recommending you to my friends! He was very nervous about the interview and your practice day really helped build confidence.


I’m especially grateful for the mock interview day I attended, which helped me to handle this many interviews. In particular, it made me realise that there was an important area of Maths which I had not covered yet and this cropped up many times over the four interviews. Thankfully, I had prepared.


The Interview Preparation Day was excellent in helping me target areas I needed to improve on and be conscious of in the interview, and I gained fantastic feedback from the mock interviews I had, and made me a little less nervous about the real interview, because I now know what they are going to be like, and they weren’t as scary as I anticipated the interviews to be!


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