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Tutoring, whether for the 11+ secondary school exam or A-levels, has become increasingly popular as places for schools and university have grown more competitive. Parents have been employing private tutors for both exam-specific (with the aim of doing well in a certain exam, such as the ACT) and general tuition so that their children have a better chance of future academic success.

A One-to-one experience

A good teacher at school often makes a marked difference on a student’s aptitude and enthusiasm for a certain subject, but there are limitations to what can be provided in the classroom. Since teachers often have to cater to the needs of dozens of students, while also following a standardised curriculum, it is difficult for them to tailor lessons to every student’s ability. Therefore, more capable students may not be sufficiently challenged, while others may find it challenging to keep up. Private tuition sessions, on the other hand, can be tailored to each individual student’s needs and interests, so that they can build confidence in their weaker subjects and develop interest in their favourite ones. This can help them to develop a love of learning, which will be highly beneficial both at school and in later life.

For all ages

Tutoring can also enhance the creativity of students of all ages. Tutors often encourage their students to approach subjects from a different direction and encourage outside-of-the-box thinking, since they are not limited by any rigid curricula. Additionally, tutors can encourage students to engage with topics at a deeper level because, unlike teachers, their primary goal is not to prepare students for exams. Ironically, such an approach can actually be more effective at achieving exam success, since a deeper understanding of subjects means that students can even answer unconventional or very challenging exam questions.

Keep engaged

Due to its one-to-one (or small group) nature, private tuition is also better at holding students accountable. Unlike in the classroom, where students may get away with not engaging with the lesson, this is highly unlikely to happen during a tutorial. Students are more likely to pay attention since they will constantly be stimulated intellectually, and tutors will be able to tell when their students are not paying attention. This is also true for homework: teachers may not always be able to keep track of who completes set homework, but tutors will (given their relatively small number of students). Furthermore, because tutors are able to accurately gauge the ability of each of their students, they will be able to tell when effort is unsatisfactory.

Demand quality

It is worth emphasising that tutoring is only effective if the tutor is knowledgeable, diligent and reliable. Cheaper tutors may appeal to parents for obvious reasons, but they are often less experienced or less knowledgeable, so are often best avoided. The general rule is: if you want premium tutoring, you should look at providers with a proven track record. For those looking for high-quality tutoring: Oxbridge Applications offers premium, Online Private Tuition from Oxbridge-educated tutors as well as Admissions Test Tuition for a variety of university admissions tests.

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