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American-Flag-Feature-sizeEileen Penman, a professional university and college consultant, has penned this one-stop guide to applying across the pond, giving you an overview of what key decisions your students will need to make in order to narrow down their options and make informed choices. Talking you through applications, admissions requirements, choosing a university and funding a US education, Eileen's guide culminates in setting out a US application timeline to help you support your students to plan the next stage in their journey.

Eileen Penman is an American-born graduate of the University of San Diego. Chair of the Guidance Committee of the European Council of International Schools (1995-2006) and member of the TOEFL Board, the SAT Advisory Board, the Advanced Placement Advisory Board, she is an expert educational consultant and adviser. Here, she shares with us essential tips and guidelines for supporting students applying to the US.

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