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SurveyGrades are an area of much misunderstanding when it comes to Oxbridge. Many students ask themselves; “What grades do I need to get into Oxbridge?” Many of you will have no doubt read stories before in the press about a student who applied to Cambridge or Oxford with 11 A*s at GCSE and 3A*s predicted for their A2s and yet, inexplicably, wasn’t given a place. It is crucial to understand now, that excellent grades are no more than a passport to your interview (and even then there are other hurdles such as the admissions tests for which to account). They are not a passport to success. 


That said, they are still extremely important, and in most cases play a big role in whether you will be offered a place or not. Not sure whether your grades are going to be good enough? Wondering what successful candidates get in their exams? This resource explains grade requirements and conditional offers for Cambridge and Oxford, as well as looking at the statistical grade profiles of applicants, and those who are successful.

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