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Stacked files“Participating in a Citizenship Foundation Mock Trial Competition during Year 8 initiated my interest in the law. It gave me the opportunity to see how laws, whilst appearing fixed and universal, are open to interpretation, especially when attempts are made to apply them to specific cases. I also learnt how opposing arguments can be furnished using the same legal framework…”

When it comes to vocational subjects like Law, and Oxbridge, it is crucial to demonstrate an understanding of the subject as an academic discipline, and not imply that you see it merely as a means to an end, a route to a career. Otherwise the admissions tutors will be thinking why not study English or History or anything else for that matter, and then convert with the GDL and LPC courses post-university? The author of this personal statement was successful in their application, but can still see room for improvements, now that they have graduated and have all that experience to guide them. Download their Oxbridge Law personal statement to see how they cope with the above problem and traps into which students can fall.

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