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Seven types of bees native to Hawaii are now officially endangered species in the US.

As of October 31st, bees were under the protection of the Endangered Species Act – the first time bees have made it into the list of US endangered species. As Biological Sciences applicants may be familiar, bees are responsible for pollinating commercial fruit and vegetables across the UK, responsible for around $30 billion each year.

This news follows action from the White House in previous months, where the administration released the National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators. This strategy plan aimed to combat the dwindling populations of bees – from 5 million in the late 1940s to 2.7 million today.

Geography applicants should consider the benefit that bees bring in pollinating crops and their use in commercial agriculture, while Economics applicants should consider how preservation and protection of natural resources should be balanced with productive, economic output.

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