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A controversy has erupted in the Bahamas with several of the famous swimming pigs being found dead. It is unclear exactly what the cause of their deaths is, but many news outlets have linked it to negligent feeding, possibly by tourists who reportedly fed them beer and rum in order to get the pigs drunk. 

The famous creatures are a popular attraction for tourists, who travel to the island to swim with the pigs. Tourism is a large part of the Bahamas economy. Local keepers of the pigs have reportedly stated that an increased interest in the swimming pigs in recent months has made it difficult to regulate tourist interaction with them.

The government has now had to take action to ban visitors from feeding the pigs. Previously, there was no restriction on tourists being able to feed them.

Students who wish to study PPE or Economics might like to think about the role of tourism in certain economies. This might include the moral bargain or weigh off between boosting economic opportunity and protecting the local rural community. It might also be interesting to look at the role of local political or lobbying groups against the powers of the national government.

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