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A major breakthrough has been made in the world of superconductors this week, as scientists have finally worked out how the superconductor works. Ripples of electrons create twisted ‘pockets’ of electrons, that mimic jenga bricks in a spiral fashion. Previously, scientists had relied on temperature to try and break the materials apart, but this attempt using magnetism yielded spectacular results, and those of you interested should have a go at reading the full article here. Now that researchers understand more about the fundamental properties of a superconductor, the hunt can be refined for materials that could act as superconductors at room temperature, which would transform the way we live: think levitating trains and supercomputers – the latter of which has a pleasantly symbiotic relationship with superconductors as supercomputers have often been used in the quest for understanding superconductors. Sounds super, if you ask us… and any Computer Scientists, Materials Scientists , Nat Sci (P) and Physics students.

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