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The birth of the newest royal is a great opportunity for the growth of the British economy, retail experts say, not just for the baby’s royal status – but the baby’s gender.

The Centre for Retail Research in Nottingham estimated that William and Kate’s first child, George, provided a £243 million boost to the British economy in the two months following his birth. They project the impact of a second child to be smaller, at £80 million, but that the advent of a royal princess will have long-lasting impacts on the British economy. Economics applicants should explore Monarchist arguments against Britain as a Republic in light of financial considerations.

The researchers argued that with George, the focus was on his heir status, and that public occupation centred on the idea of the boy next in line for the throne. With a girl, however, they argue that public attention turns to the princess as a style icon; the princess is representative of a fascination with the Monarchy as celebrity.

HSPS applicants should explore this idea of royalty as celebrity in the modern age, and investigate further how celebrity children are portrayed in Western media.


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