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FIFA have declined requests from both the Scottish and English football associations for their players to be able to wear a red poppy when they face each other at Wembley stadium on November 11th. This decision has sparked debate far wider than the footballing world, even prompting Theresa May to speak out in defence of the player’s right to display the poppy.

FIFA claim the poppy would breach their ruling which prohibits the wearing or display of ‘political, religious or commercial messages’. HSPS students could think about the semiotics surrounding the display of the red poppy. Does it relate to one single historical event or rather stand to represent the past 100 years of suffering and loss around the world? As a symbol of remembrance can it stand for countries outside of the UK?

Law students may want to investigate the wording of FIFA’s contract and the possibilities of repercussions should the players go ahead, as threatened, and exhibit the symbol on Remembrance Day.

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