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President Obama has reiterated his support of net neutrality this past Thursday. Opposing the FCC, he has argued against the creation of ‘interview fast lanes’ which would give certain websites and corporations quicker loading times on internet providers.

The FCC’s proposal aims to give a fast ‘highway’ to some websites whereby traffic will not slow down the service, while other websites, which do not buy in to this fast stream, will load more slowly.

Obama has said that his priority is to not create two or three tiers of internet service. A driving reason behind this is the preservation of entrepreneurship in internet competition, in order to allow new websites the same access to the market and to an audience as services that can afford to pay the FCC’s proposed ‘fast lane’ rates.

One issue with the proposal is the presence of lobbyist Tom Wheeler on the FCC committee. His presence as both a lobbyist for the FCC proposal and an advisor for Obama brings up questions of concern to PPE and HSPS applicants about the nature of lobbying, and economics applicants should look to the interaction of private and public parties in political proposals.

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