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It’s summer time and you’re trying to do some light reading under the shade of the oak tree in your back garden with a glass of fresh lemonade. In reality, this romantic event quickly turns into an array of co-ordinated acrobatic moves to fend off approaching mosquitoes.

A recent study may finally provide a full-proof feasible answer to deal with these buzzing nuisances that burden our precious summer time – and surprisingly it involves the music of Electro/Dubstep superstar Skrillex.

Insect scientists played Skrillex’s music to Aedes Aegypti (yellow fever mosquitoes) and found that playing music alters their behaviour. The song the scientists used was aptly called ‘Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites’, chosen because it contains a diverse mix of high and low frequencies.

It was observed that mosquitoes were ‘entertained’ by the music and were found to attack less frequently, have intercourse less often and fed on blood to a smaller extent.

Scientists are hoping to employ music as a way to reduce Aedes-born diseases. On a more casual level, next time mosquitoes are bothering your perfect summer’s day, blast out Skrillex to get those unwanted insects away.

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