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For many years, McDonald’s has made its menu and locations more bespoke to local cultures, but Indian McDonald’s restaurants have made strides with their menu with their introduction of the masala dosa-flavoured burger.

The Masala Dosa Brioche is a burger with a grilled vegetable patty topped with a chili powder sauce, and anda bhurji (scrambled eggs served with a bun). McDonald’s has existed in India for two decades, and introduced its breakfast menu in 2010. Across the west and south of India, there are now 240 restaurants, with 44 catering to the new menu.

HSPS applicants should consider this story in the broader context of ‘McDonaldization.’ McDonaldization is a term coined by sociologist George Ritzer, which argued that this occurs when a society adopts the characteristics of a fast food restaurant.

The change in menu also signifies a change not just by way of McDonaldization, but of cultural integration. Geography applicants will be familiar with the notion that a synthesis of culture like this signifies an increasingly globalised world. Interested students should explore a local perspective on the new burger, to understand how cultural integration is viewed from different perspectives.

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