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Researchers at Cambridge University have made a recent breakthrough in treating people with schizophrenia. Specialists have used a brain-training game on a small number of patients with the mental condition to help ease symptoms such as hallucinations. The game has a wizard theme with increasing levels of difficulty, asking patients to enter rooms and find items, and remember where they put them to test their episodic memory. The results of the game showed that patients made significantly fewer mistakes in assessments testing their memory and brain functions afterwards.

Medicine applicants should think about the role non-drug treatments can take in helping long-term illnesses, as well as their drawbacks or shortfalls.

With the condition affecting 1 in 100 people, PPE and Economics applicants should consider how far funding should be made available to develop and improve this type of research, especially as it has only been tested on a small number of patients so far. A counterpoint here is that this sort of treatment may result in much lower costs in the long run, given the expensive nature of many drug-based treatments.

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