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Much as we love bringing you news about cures for cancers, this week’s story is a bit more complicated. Instead, scientists have discovered an entirely new cancer, well, a biphenotypic sinonasal sarcoma, to be precise. What are the consequences? And why, when this sounds depressing, is this actually good news? Well first of all, now that researchers have identified the molecular structure of the tumour and genes involved, existing drugs can be used that patients might respond to. However, it may only serve to show just how specialised and complex the cancer-based pharmaceutical world is becoming, as the researchers were al based in the Mayo Clinic, which has been the centre of sarcoma research for decades. The future of cancer drugs has often been suggested to be based on targeted drugs, and it’s important for Medics to understand the basics of this topic. If you’re interested in cell biology, this summary of cancer drugs and research is essential reading – so get stuck in, Natural Science (B), Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences applicants.

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