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Russia has recently begun a scheme to hire grandmothers for free to support families and pensioners across the Vladimir region near Moscow. Russian channel NTV has reported that pensioners are finding families to support for a few hours a week with child support and other traditionally family based tasks.

The scheme has proved popular so far, Human Science and HSPS applicants might wish to consider the implications of the family and genetics. Archaeology and Anthropology applicants could consider how the idea of family has evolved through time, and what role grandparents have to play in societies across the world.

This is not the first time Grandmothers have been available for hire, with a woman in Canada recently offering her services on the site Craigslist.  The desire for a specific kind of nurture for a price may be of interest to PPE or Economics applicants who are thinking of ways to support an economy or country’s social policy outside of simple NHS or government offered care.

Russia is not new to the idea of family members for rent either, with Moscow being a popular place to hire a husband for an hour, to perform traditional husband roles in the household.  Perhaps the future of the family could move to being increasingly fluid in the future, prospective Psychology students may wish to think about the effect of non genetic family members on development. 

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