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What is the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)?

The Thinking Skills Assessment is a pre-interview test for those students applying to Oxford for Economics and Management, Experimental Psychology, Human Sciences, Psychology, Philosophy and Linguistics. Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE), Psychology and Philosophy. Those applying to study joint degrees may also need to take a separate admissions test in their additional subject. The Thinking Skills Assessment two hours long and is taken in two parts: a 90-minute, multiple-choice test and a 30-minute essay test. Those applying for History and Economics will need to take the first section (the multiple choice part) of the exam, but not the essay section. The multiple choice test is composed of problem-solving, numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, critical thinking skills and understanding arguments, The essay test involves four questions, of which applicants must answer one. The exam is designed to test if candidates can write clearly and concisely.

What changes have happened due to COVID-19?

The date for the TSA will now be 5 November 2020.

How is the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) scored?

How do you register for the test?

How do you prepare for the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA)?


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