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Oxford Interview Timetable for December 2023

If you’ve applied to Oxford University this cycle, you’ll be eager to find out not just whether you’re invited to interview, but also when these interviews are likely to take place! Whilst we (unfortunately) can’t let you know the success of your shortlisting, we can tell you that the university has released their timetable for interviews to be held this December.

Interviews are sorted into windows depending on the subject. Each window lasts a few days (the specific length depending on the size of the department and expected number of applicants to get through), with an additional date specified before which notification of further interviews should be communicated to the applicant. Although this means that you can’t be certain of exactly when your interview will take place, it gives you some idea of which days you’re likely to have to sit one or more interviews.

Head over to the Oxford website to see the timetable and for more information on interview procedure.

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