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With many years of helping applicants prepare for their interviews, we have heard a huge range of interview experience. Some have had positive experiences, got on well with their interviewer, answered their questions well and came out happy, while others are not at all sure. Some feel they have a solid first interview and then a shocker for their next. What seems to be the biggest concern, however, is when applicants feel that their interview was too easy – that they weren’t challenged and that they couldn’t show what they could do.

The first thing to say here is that just because you don’t feel like the questions were challenging, doesn’t mean that the interviewer hasn’t been able to assess your enthusiasm for the subject and your ability to thrive in the system. It may be that they have been very impressed by your performance in your Admissions Test, by your written work or the accomplishments in your personal statement and are just using the interview as a chance to check that you live up to what you’ve promised in person. The interview is also a chance for the interviewer – and you – to see whether you click and whether your working relationship will be a fruitful one. Remember that you might be the 500th person they’ve interviewed in their career – and some of them have got very good at it!

What is frustrating is all the hard work that you’ve put into your application – all that reading, revising and discussing. Like any exam, there will be things that you prepare for, which don’t come up – it’s inevitable (and better that way round than the other). You may also have mock interviews which really challenge and push you, which may make the real thing feel like a walk in the park. Hopefully, you’ll have enjoyed all the work that you’ve done – you are supposed to like your subject after all!

Just to give you a quick example – and another lesson in never trying to second guess what the interviewers are thinking – one student we supported only had one 15-minute interview in which they asked her why she wanted to read that particular subject and what she was going to be doing on her gap year. She wasn’t given any unseen materials, wasn’t asked any challenging questions and her school was on the point of complaining to the college when she was given an unconditional offer.

Best of luck!

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